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CCCM Emergency Preparedness Efforts in Burundi

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Bujumbura Training 13 August 2015

CCCM Emergency Preparedness Efforts in Burundi

IOM and UNHCR, as co-lead agencies of the Camp Coordination and Camp Management (CCCM) sectoral group in Burundi, joined forces to organize and deliver three CCCM trainings in August and September 2015, as part of the reinforcement of preparedness efforts towards disasters. In total, 73 participants, from different backgrounds, took part in workshops in Bujumbura, Gitega and Muyinga. Among the trainees, partners from the humanitarian community included: UNICEF, OCHA, WFP, the Red Cross, Coped, WVI, IRC, Caritas, IOM and UNHCR. The authorities were represented by members of the Ministry of Solidarity, Human Rights and Gender, the National Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (ONPRA), the Programme of Reintegration of Affected Persons (PARESI) and the National Platform for Risk prevention and Disaster management, the national forum in charge of coordinating humanitarian efforts, as well as local authorities at provincial and communal level.

As part of the contingency plan, a CCCM sectoral group was established in Burundi in April 2015. The trainings were aimed at enhancing the capacities of the humanitarian community and the authorities in camp coordination, management and administration. It further sought to provide a clear overview of the roles and responsibilities within the CCCM framework, describe the main activities to be carried out in each phase of the camp life cycle and inform on how to mobilize camp populations through community participation and ensure protection in collective settlements. The training also aimed to strengthen coordination among stakeholders and facilitate sharing of good practices from other countries as well as from past displacement situations in Burundi. The enhancement of the local capacities is also key with regards to the upcoming rainy season.